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With the nature and competitiveness of the Motorsport industry a lot of the clientele and projects that we do are highly confidential.

 Whether it be for a race team or a confidential project of another type, discretion is paramount at

SS Engineering and Design.


Some of our clients allow us to share the work that we do which is really amazing, as it gives us the rare opportunity to show off our skills to the rest of the world.


Our billet weld-on fluid caps have been designed with a similar look to the fuel and oil caps used on the legendary Porsche race cars of the past. However, they don’t need to be used on solely Porsche's.


These great looking fluid caps can be used on whatever project you are currently working on;

  • 6061 T6 material

  • Metric threads

  • O-ring sealed

221230 SS E&D-22_edited.jpg


These are our 911 rocker covers to fit the 3.6L engine. We have taken design inspiration from the 2.7L covers to produce a cover that resembles the iconic rocker cover but suits the more modern engine.

If you are looking for a more retro look on a modern engine, look no further than these;

  • 6061 T6 material

  • OEM seals retained

  • Can be anodised any colour

  • Can be ceramic coated to mimic the look of magnesium

  • Custom engraving of logos etc welcome for extra cost, either before or after anodising for either a discrete or standout look

We also produce rocker covers for any type of engine.  To name just a few we have designed and made;

  • a set to fit the 3.6L F131 Ferrari V8 to replicate the 2L Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale engine for a client building a Tipo 33 Stradale replica

  • a set for the 5.5L F116 Ferrari V12 to resemble the 275 GTB 4 cam engine for a client building a 250 California replica 

  • a set for a Porsche 356 engine with design inspiration from the Fuhrmann 4 cam engine 

We can design and make any kind of rocker covers that you require.


Our universal throttle bodies have been designed in house utilising modern technology but with that old school cast look.

Available in any size between 45 - 55 mm



This is our billet 2.7L 911 crankcase. It had been designed to replace the existing tired magnesium cases that are now at the end of their useful lives. Made from the best grade 6061 T6 material these cases will provide increased stiffness over the originals as well as greater serviceability;

  • 2.7L architecture

  • 6061 T6 material

  • All main case fasteners doweled for greater case rigidity

  • Main flange is O-ring sealed to improve case sealing

  • Formed threads for all major fasteners for increased strength

  • Already clearanced for larger oil pumps means no grinding required and we can modify the cases to suit any oil pump you could require

  • Main webs radiused to reduce pumping losses

  • Additional crank position sensor on bell-housing

  • Can be provided with rough tunnels or finished to your specifications


Our dry sump for the Porsche 356 engine has been designed to use an oil pump that is built into a custom timing cover. It also incorporates 2 spherical bearings in additional housings to mount the shifter rod solid as it passes under the engine. 


We can also design and produce dry sump systems for any type of engine using any type of oil pump specified by you.

We are in production of a dry sump'system for the 3.5L 2GR-FE Toyota V6 engine. This billet sump will be incredibly thin to make it possible to lower the engine in whatever car as much as it can be;

  • ~30mm thick

  • Integral, internal oil channels

  • High quality

  • Swedish designed and made, Auto Verdi 4 stage oil pump



We design and produce intake manifolds for any engine, either cast or billet depending on your requirements.

We have individual throttle body manifolds for;

  • 2.7L and 3.6L Porsche 911

  • 5.5L F116 Ferrari V12

  • 3.6L F131 Ferrari V8

  • 3.5L 2GR-FE Toyota V6


We also produce our own custom designed in-house throttle bodies and trumpets to suit our manifolds.


Our distributor replacements have been designed to incorporate a hall effect sensor if you are changing your 911 engine over to EFI.


We have a twin spark replacement and a simple replacement for use as a sync sensor utilising an OEM position sensor.

  • 6061 T6 and 4140 materials

  • OEM position sensor



Can't find what you're looking for?

Let's have a chat to see what we can design and manufacture for you.

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