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Something a little different.

It's not all motorsport and engine design here at SSED. We can design anything you could need!

This is a tray for a truck we have recently completed for a customer who punched these things out like you wouldn't believe! It doesn't look like it, but the tray is over 3.5m long!

Currently, the fabrication guys are making one of these things, completely from scratch (and doing an amazing job at it) once a month! But they were looking for a way to ease the workload on them a little bit. We were contacted to come measure up the ones they were already making and create this model.

From this initial model we created tech drawings for the fab guys, drawings for laser cutting the floor sheets and notching the tubes etc. We also generated a cut list of all the components needed to build this tray, so from now on, they can just order a "kit" form from their steel supplier and reduce the load on the guys actually building them.

Looking forward to seeing how many a month they can do now!

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