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A Gentleman's Drive

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

My wife and I were lucky enough to score an invite to the @gentlemansdrive yesterday. What an absolute ripper day. So many cool cars out on the road for a great cause. Over $16,000 was raised for men's health and only 2 cars didn't make the finish line 😅

Thank you so much to @precious_metal_ for organising such a great event.

But even more so, thank you to @salnacho_libre for lending us Poppy the Kombi so that we could take part! We only had a few issues, only being able to bump start her being the main one 😅

The gifts kept coming our way too as when we got to the start line, @mckernan_restoration threw us the keys to his beautiful speedster and told us to have fun! What a privilege for us to have a drive of that little rocket ship.

We can't thank everyone enough for trusting us and lending us the cars to join in the day.

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