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There we go! Got the 456 digitised.

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

There we go! Got the 456 digitised up yesterday and about to get cracking on the initial layout and design. I am usually quite vocal about the uselessness of "scanning" because it produces something that is fairly unusable. But one thing its good for is making sure there is clearance to other parts of the engine or whatever. As you can see, it gets fairly tight up by the thermostat housing arrangement in the front. The first picture of just some circles and a flat plane, gathered with a probe is all you really need to design anything around of you know and understand what you're looking at, and a healthy dose of imagination also helps a bit. # SSED #456 #Ferrari #ferrari #ITB #digitizing #V12 #250california #design #engineering #intakemanifold

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